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What kinds of equipment do you have?

We offer effects equipment  of all types including smoke, fire, and water as well as equipment to simulate gunfire, explosions, and IEDs

Where are you located?

We are based in the Tampa Bay Area. We travel all over the United States and can offer services at your facility of choice or use our local facility where we have multiple two and three story training structures.

What is the cost to have you design a training scenario for our group?

The cost varies depending on where you wish to hold the event and what effects you wish to integrate. We are happy to work with you to provide unique scenarios or equipment that wont exceed your budget.

What kinds of training do you offer?

While we specialize in active shooter scenarios, we offer a wide variety of training tools that allow us to adapt to any need. Call us today to discuss the options we can offer to simulate everything from a burning building to an injured leg.

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