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Our Mission

     E4 Effects is uniquely suited to adapt our scenarios to suit a variety of agency and individual needs that exceed what any other group can offer by using actors and special effects artists from the entertainment industry to create a truly immersive experience. We promise to deliver a product like no other that will prepare you and your team for real life emergency situations. From basic leadership under pressure to high stress casualty management, we believe through realistic simulation people of all disciplines can learn lessons about themselves and their skill sets. We have years of experience integrating unique combinations of custom manufactured special effects equipment, specialized actors, and immersive scenarios. Our team brings together a vast number of backgrounds with connections throughout the first response, military, and civilian world to provide turnkey training scenarios. We specialize in the integration of multiple skill sets to bring training scenarios to life that can benefit everyone.

Beyond Training

We seek to provide our customers with an experience that will prepare them for the real life situations they might find themselves in. This means replicating more than just the aspect they wish to train. Whether you are a tactical team practicing weapons manipulation or a medical unit practicing wound care it's important to be trained to deal with those items in a real world environment containing unpredictable and often unexpected aspects. We are here to take a training opportunity and expand it into a training experience that will help make the concepts truly stick in a way classroom learning never will.

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